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thinking, reading, writing, making, designing, fixing and playing around.



A multi-skilled IT Business Management graduates who is passionate in social media and data-driven marketing. Actively participated in university events/organizations. A curious, logical, honest, reliable, practical and level-headed person.

Currently self-employed as a travel agent, now looking for a great opportunity to contribute and grow with company in the field of marketing, IT or creative industry.

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Merah Muda Memudar Logo Design

MMM Logo

Merah Muda Memudar (MMM) is a community and online publication that focuses on the struggle and resistance of women and other minorities. I designed the logo for this community.

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Libre Taxi App Localization

LibreTaxi logo

LibreTaxi makes ridesharing affordable by getting rid of the third party between passengers and drivers.

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Saka Nusa Properti Logo Design

Saka Nusa Properti

Saka Nusa Properti logo.

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Saka Design Group Website

Saka Design Group website

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Land Rover Club Aceh Logo Design

LRCA logo

LRCA logo.

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Nasi Uduk Klapa Gading Website

UKG website

Year: 2018

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